Rogers Rangers Ramble Run




Date: Saturday, November 7th, 2020, 10:30 AM

Location: Ticonderoga Golf Course, Ticonderoga, NY

Check in: Five Nations Golf, LLC 671 Route 9N, Ticonderoga, NY

Course: 5K mile XC run mostly on grass and a hard dirt trail

The run is free for La Chute club members and $10 for non-members (Lunch will follow)

Lunch is provided to members of the La Chute Road Runners

Do take this opportunity to renew/start membership and join us for lunch

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Course Map

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ROGERS RANGERS RAMBLE RUN – Join us for 5K XC run over the historic battle site from 1757. You will experience the views and the dangers faced by Rogers Rangers during their historic battle during the French and Indian War. You will pass monuments and face decisions to survive the overwhelming challenges on this demanding XC course. Will you survive to tell your story of the day?


Come prepared for an adventurous run and social gathering to follow. I spend many hours logging miles on the Ticonderoga Golf Course. I pass the monuments for Rogers Rangers battle on snowshoes hundreds of times each year. I approached the TCC and received permission for us to use the course to enjoy a terrific challenging run over the grounds of the historic battle.


Our story goes like this; Beginning on the bluffs overlooking the Trout Brook Valley a scout reports to Rogers that an indian war party has been spotted approaching up the brook valley from the north. Rogers gathers his men and proceeds to intercept the group at a hill above a bend in the brook. Seeing that his Rangers have poor positioning Rogers orders them to scurry across the brook to gain a tactical advantage. Finding themselves forced against a step hill they sprint west to escape a potential trap. Now the Rangers must regroup, hugging the tree line, they work their way south to try for better positioning to engage the enemy.


Midway through our course as they once again approach the Brook, the Indians seem to being growing in numbers of combatants. Rogers again sends his men west back toward the cover of the tree line. Rogers’ Rangers must get back to the east side of the Brook for this scouting mission to be a success. Working different angles, the Rangers cross the brook at a narrow secluded location. Climbing back toward the bluff the Rangers once again see that they are trapped.


French forces have rounded the bend of Bear Mountain and Rogers’ Rangers are trapped and must escape to survive! Run hard up a quarter mile climb to the final marker of the battle.


If you make it there you have survived! Run the final eighth of a mile to regroup where you started and make a safe escape. Congratulations! You survived, now join us to chat with glee over your accomplishments and narrowly escaping capture or worse. The La Chute Road Runners thank you for joining us today!